EDF Energy app

App design

EDF Energy app

EDF Energy UK approached us for a full redesign of their app. They needed a simple application to their costumer to manage simply their account (payments, bills, submit a meter reading).
Their actual app was receiving negative reviews from users and was rating 1.2 on the Apple store. After lauching our MVP app with the new design and funccionality the score up to 4.6 and the comments became positive.

Contextual home

Easy and practical

After exploring different routes (costumer energy consumption data visualisation, overview of your account, etc.), we decided to make the user lands on a contextual home that show them the next step that is expected from them. “You are all set up” when nothing is due; “It’s time to submit this month meter reading” when the meter reading is due; “Your last bill is overdue” when some payment is expected. This new approach of the landing page is easy and practical to the user to be up to date on their account.

Meter reading

Clear and delightful payment process

We rethink EDF branding colours (navy and orange) in a digital friendly way, adding some depth and modernity using gradients. By the simple use of the two colours to create hierarchy between the modules, and the animated illustrations, we created easy and delightful payment process.

Help section

Guiding the user

Facilitating the user experience with understandable help section.

Onboarding screens

Animated onboarding

I animated the onboarding screens (Lottie animations) to make this learning moment more understandable and didactic.

Lottie animations

Animated confirmation screens

I designed branded illustration to support the confirmation screens and animated them to create a nice moment the user can enjoy at the end of their journey.

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