Abordaje NEW


Branding, Visual Identity & Packaging

Abordaje is a little brand of craft handmade embroidery & wool creations I created. The embroidered illustrations have a funny touch, new patterns and many colours. It’s a new way of approaching the embroidery, for that Abordaje is qualified as pirate of embroidery.

I realised the logo design and the creation of all the brand elements for Abordaje, also creating packaging adapted for each creations, conducting workshop and artistic collaborations.

Pirate of embroidery

This dynamic visual identity is composed of the needle recalling the embroidery and the handmade mixed with “pirate” element, the waves, the lightening and the nordic font.

This logo is created to be adaptable on different support and evolving with the brand.

Vivid colours & modified font

The vivid and playful colour palette is chosen to represent this atypical and modern embroidery brand. I also modified the fond with squared serif to reinforce the intention of pirate.

Continuous renewal

Playing with the brand elements and the colours allows to create a palette of patterns and designs to produce new and fresh brand applications.

Each creation, its solution

The pattern plays with the creation to create customize packaging and unique combination every time

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